1 creative person + 1 inspiring little girl = Anna Rose Jewelry

Col and Anna

Hi, I’m Col. The creative person is me. You probably figured it out … that’s me to the left.

One of my passions is making jewelry … as you’ll quickly realize when you come to my house and visit the first room at the bottom of my stairs. This magical place is filled with all sorts of  pretty things which can be transformed into immensely prettier things, if you’ve got the patience and the love to do it. I’ve got plenty of both.

The little girl is Anna.

Anna’s got autism, among other things, including a playful nature and a precious smile. She’s taught me an awful lot about acceptance and non-judgment. What a beautiful gift!

Being a creative person, I am often found combining things that don’t normally go together. It’s just what I do. Plus I have a passion for love, connection and inspiration.

So there you have it … the perfect recipe for something unique, fun and transformational.

I began making jewelry for mothers of children with autism … usually sterling silver bracelets with the child’s name on them. And I’d promise to give a portion of the profits to programs which promote understanding and interaction for children with autism. Just because.

One thing led to another, as things often do … and Anna Rose Jewelry was born.

You’re welcome to explore some of the information I’ve gathered over the years  … things which will help spread understanding for children with autism. Please share these pages with others. A peek to the left will start you on your way.

Love and laughter,